Bens Creek Group plc owns and operates metallurgical coal mines in North America. Metallurgical coal is a critical component in the production of steel 

Bens Creek Group plc utilises modern mining methods to produce “coal-for-steel” not “coal-for-power”

10 December 2023

Bens Creek Getaway: Serenity in Motion - Watch Our Video

5 December 2023

Bens Creek Want Shareholder Question

14 November 2023

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3 July 2023

Bens Creek CEO Discusses High Wall Progress, Avani's Investment, and Met Coal Price Outlook

24 May 2023

High wall miners in action

17 May 2023

2nd highwall miner arrived and in production at West Virginia site.

Latest News

Bens Creek welcomes commodity trader Avani as new shareholder

23 November 2021

The highwall miner has arrived and is currently being assembled on site at West Virginia.

Latest Research

Bens Creek (BEN) – Corporate – Initiation: New entrant to profitable metallurgical coal sector

01 December 2021

Metallurgical coal output


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5 June 2021

Train and Rail Loadout Facility

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